Graphic T-shirt of KOUSCH is characterized by fabric, fit, design and color.

It is just a T shirt,
but how do you choose the one you spend your time with?

Avoiding boring logos, typical stripes, safe monotone pictures,
KOUSCH provides original graphic T-shirt which goes between
tradition and edgy future, beauty and dirtiness,
gracefulness and roughness, earnestness and wit / joke,
based on our passion for art, culture, tradition and daily life.

We wish that you will enjoy seeing yourself in the mirror,
being lustrous, look cool in SNS pictures, etc.
among your busy days.

Color is the essential element of our T shirts.
We create the exact color which fits the design,
such as elegant pale colors and vivid vital colors.
Also, we are printing products with multiple colors
which is not very common in screenprinted T shirts.

We use high-quality fabric among the lots.
As heavy weight T shirts sometimes look rustic,
our product line uses light yet premium feel fabric.

Washable and the shape lasts well.
Easy to move body as it moderately stretches.
Pleasant during your creative desk work,
shopping and dining in downtown, trip and playing with children.

Here is the overview of the material.
Please see each product page for the detail.

◇Material: Cotton 100% or the blend of Cotton and Polyester / Rayon

◇Type of Cotton Thread: Combed Cotton
・・・When cotton is spun and then combed, fine brushes are used to pull out any impurities, a
・・・long with short fibers leaving behind only long fibers which are straight, even and aligned.
・・・The texture of combed cotton is very soft and very smooth.
・・・In addition, combed cotton is stronger since the straightened fibers lie together more tightly.
・・・On the other hand, most common inexpensive T Shirts are made of Open Cotton which is basic but sometimes rough.

◇Ounce Weight: 4.0~4.6 oz
・・・Generally speaking, 3.0-4.0 oz fabrics are called light and 5.0-7.0 oz fabrics are called heavy weight.
・・・We use light, yet reliable fabric.
・・・Including the neck, it will not lose shape easily.

Fitted style is used which makes you sophisticated and stylish.
The form of both crew neck and V neck shirts are well balanced as a whole
with the graceful shape and texture of neckline.
You will be quite comfortable in the office or in hip cafes / restaurants and bars.

Design generates power for everyone.
We, KOUSCH wish your life become truly affluent by using our products with unique design.
We hope that our customers choose what they really loves and wear for a long time,
instead of buying unnecessary things easily with cheap price.
With the similar cost of 2-3 times of power brunch,
you will enjoy your precious time for work, weekends, travel
and events of kind pictures taken with your family and friends,
in our T-shirts for a long period – spring to autumn, or even in winter.

We select materials of our products from all over the world including,
China, Bangladesh, Honduras, India, Japan, etc.
We closely check the style, material, and color, in addition to the quality of sawing, at our responsibility.
Printing process is being done in Japan.