Gift Wrapping

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How about T-shirts for birthday present, seasonal gift, etc.?
If you want to wrap our products as gift, please select wrapping options and add to the shopping cart.

There will be some discount for more than certain multiple number of order of the same T-shirts.
Please contact us in such case.

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Gift for Birthday, Christmas, Celebration, Thank-you Message

For gift wrapping, please add this item for your cart
(Our standard package of non-gift is very simple).


Wrapping style and items depends on the size of the product etc.
Please let us know any consideration points for wrapping – such as, “celebration of …”, “for male”, “for female”, etc.
and any preference (eg. as simple as possible, etc.).
We do our best.

Example of wrapping;

◇If you send the gift directly from KOUSCH

Please let us know by adding memo when checking out that it is a gift.
You will receive confirmation of the order and notice of sending out from us.
The gift will be delivered with product explanation and without prices.
If you wish to add personal message, we will include that.

◇If you receive the gift by yourself at first

Please let us know by adding memo when checking out that it is a gift
and also, the preference whether you want the product wrapped or
just want wrapping kit .

(When you select wrapping kit, the elegant gift bag as showed above will be sent)

◇Personal Message

You can add personal message if you wish.

Please send us the message you want us to print out.
(As our printer is office standard laser printer, monochrome design is recommended.
We can print multi-color letters and pictures, but the quality is not super. )