・Machine wash / hand wash cold.
・Use gentle cycle.
・Neutral detergent can be used.
・Recommend to turn inside out or put in laundry net when putting in washing machine.

・Do not dryclean.
・Do not tumble dry.
・Do not breach.
・Do not iron printed areas as possible. If necessary, please press with a damp cloth.

Recommendations for Easy Care
・Drip dry or spin dry short. (You can pick up T-shirts even if they are a little wet. They can be crumpled if spin dry long.)
・Pick up the shirt from the machine right after washing completed.
・Smooth the shirt by hand before hanging out.
・Lay flat or hang the folded shirt on the bar of the hanger.
・Wrinkles stretches by the weight of water. It is an option that lay shirts on top of one another before hanging out to dry or hang them on top of one another.

About Shrink
・Cotton fiber shrinks when drying after wet. T-shirt is made of knitted cotton thread. Knitted stitch shrinks when drying after wet and that cause the shrink of T-shirts.
・Especially, high-temperature drying will cause shrink. If it is necessary to tumble dry, use low temperature mode and remove heat right from T-shirt right after the drying.
・If you find T-shirt shrunk, make them wet, stretch a little and lay down on a flat place. Please be careful not to put them in water too long or not to stretch a lot. These needs to be done with your responsibility.
・T-shirts of KOUSCH might shrink 2-5 cm (0.8-1.2 inch) in the wash, so please select size considering this point.

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