Report on the KOUSCH’s POP UP STORE @ Omotesando on May 20th, 2017

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Dear Friends,

KOUSCH’s first Pop Up Store @ Omotesando on May 20th 2017 successfully closed.
For who visited us, thank you very much for precious time you spent at the store.

Here, we would like to introduce briefly how the Pop Up store went.

In front of the entrance, you could see the silver balloon letters of “POP UP STORE”
on the signboard of a deer, which is the symbol of Jingumae Gallery.
It would remind us that silver balloons were left floating around the ceiling in Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory.

The alley Jingumae Gallery faces is one of some which are between
Aoyama Dori and the street where you can find the famous Tonkatsu restaurant Maisen.

The access is possible also from the alley in the middle of  AoyamaKitamachi apartment area.

People goes by the alley, yet, it is usually quiet.
But on that day, there was a construction work ongoing and it was a bit noisy until afternoon.
By around 3 o’clock, the construction work completed and became quiet again.
Thanks to the water they poured,  the air was very pleasant.
Inside the gallery, walls are all white and cozy with bright windows and high ceiling.

By the window, kids’ T shirts were displayed.

You could find our new works which were not on the website yet — Cicada Blue and Cicada Yellow.

Go into the store and you would have found the tees for adults.

You can see the T-shirt with the graphic design of Okapi playing the bass.
The black one in the back is “Non Title 004”, which is also our new work.

On the right, you can find “Cubic01” and “For the Piano”.

“Lacrosse Player”

There was also a corner where you could find several ladies tees.

Many asked what is the motif of the design of the T-shirt “feather”.
It is kind of flowing or bushy thing which might look like feather or petals.

Here you can see the set of a T-shirt and a necklace “birdcage”,
collaboration work with  Atelier Momolith

You could touch the  cotton pearl necklace and feel how it is light to wear even it is very long.

On each work, the instruction card was attached which you can see on the left side of the T-shirt in the photo above.
The card explains the idea of design, size, link to the website you can purchase, etc.

Walk further in the store,
you saw the tote bag with the graphic design of white goat and black goat eating letters.

On the left is the T-shirt with illustration of “Kemari”, which is the Japanese old traditional ball game like football.

We served organic white wine and Perrier for refreshment.
Children were welcomed with orange juice.

Customers enjoyed seeing,touching or trying our work in the relaxed atmosphere.

This Pop Up “Store” actually didn’t sell stocks we have,
but it was rather like a showroom and you could reserve our print for made-to-order.
You could also just look and buy online later.
Thus, you can go back home without any luggage.

Many customers visited our store even it was a very hot day.
Thank you very much.

We hope you had a pleasant time with us in our Poo Up Store.
And thank you again for who purchased our products and hope you enjoy the T-shirts.

We are looking forward to seeing you again in the next event.

Have good summer!


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