Looking for a minimal-style T-shirt?

"Less is more"

Are you looking for a minimal style T-shirts?
Check our line of minimal design T-shirts.

Unique and sophisticated design.
Hand-screen-printed in Japan.
Free shipping for orders over $150 to all over the world.
KOUSCH is a design T-shirt brand based in Japan.


Black & White T-shirts

A black & white T-shirt is the quick and easy item to complete the minimal style with bottoms you have.
Pair with you black pants /skirts.
Our line of black & white T-shirts are with unique design hand printed
which adds a human touch to the style.


Geometric & Abstract design T-shirts

Minimal and simple graphic design - geometric or abstract design tees with some colors will be a convenient item in your wardrobe.
Play with colors to complete your style.


Column - "Minimal"

What is the definition of "minimal" in fashion?

The word ”minimal” itself means "very small in amount" or  "barely adequate".

In the world of commercial/craft design and architecture,
simple and modern taste had been established by 1930's.

The word "minimal" began to be used in the world of art in the early 1960's.
"Minimalism" was the trend of modern art which sought an essential of nature and simplicity.

Famous saying of "Less is more" is by the architecture Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.
The concept of minimal design or minimal art is to reduce a design to only the most essential elements.


Then, what does "minimal" mean in the world of fashion?
It seems there are 2 contexts when the word "minimal" is used in fashion.

One is "minimalist" which is the attitude of life - to have least clothes in the wardrobe.
Naturally, the item in the wardrobe becomes very basic which can be worn in various situations.

Another one is the name of the style - "minimalistic style".
In the 1990's, the new style which focuses on the simplicity of geometric lines and proportions went viral.
In this context, "minimal" means sometimes basic color like black and white,
or sometimes natural, sophisticated and timeless, or sometimes functional and practical.

But as GQ says, "Minimalism Doesn't Have to Be Boring".

"recently, minimalism has too often come to stand for a lack of ideas, leading to spiritually compressed garments that are far too precise in their shape and finishing, or represent way too slick a reduction of form, leading to clothes that look assembled by an algorithm. For minimalism to really work in fashion, it needs to feel considered, and it needs to be a little humble. But it still needs to be just as emotional as even the wildest ’70s Yves Saint Laurent couture show."


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