XS & S size T-shirt Style for Short Men

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If you are shorter than average,
you might have trouble finding clothes that fit and you really like.

For men who are below average height,
most important point to make you look stylish is
to wear clothes that fit close to the body.

In KOUSCH online store,
you can find sophisticated T-shirts of various designs and of the size XS and S.
We print the product based on your order,
so you don't have to worry about the out of the stock of your size.

You can also customize the base T-shirt from and to between
crew neck and V-neck.

If you want to know which size fits you well, please check below;


Unique and sophisticated design.
Hand-screen-printed in Japan.
Free shipping for orders over $150 to all over the world.
KOUSCH is a design T-shirt brand based in Japan.


Simple and Grown-up Style T-shirts

Casual wear is comfortable and useful, but some item makes a man look younger or immature.
KOUSCH provides a line of sophisticated T-shirts for truly grown-up men.
Especially, if you select a simple design, you can wear the T-shirt even for work or other semi-formal attire situations.

Expanding Colors - White and Gray T-shirts

Outfit of contracting color such as black or navy of course looks good with shorter men,
but if you think it makes you look too thinner,
it is good to choose expanding colors such as white or gray.

Graphic T-shirts of Themes - Art, Hobby, etc.

To make a stylish outfit, it is good to consider advices for short and thin guy.
But if it is a T-shirt, maybe, select one which you really loves
including something fun and intelligent.
Graphic T-shirts of sophisticated themes make you look cool.

Most of KOUSCH's T-shirts cover the size XS and S.
You can search your favorite T-shirt without thinking of size inventory.

If you are looking for a T-shirt smaller than XS,
we can also print on 110cm, 120cm, 130cm, 140cm T-shirt*.
Please feel free to contact us.

*T-shirt of 110-140 cm are high-quality kids' T-shirts made of combed cotton 100%.
*The size of the print is the same even the base T-shirt becomes smaller.

Column - Dapper Style of Short Men

Life is not all about looks,
but still, there are some tips to style up
depending on men's body type.
For shorter men, when selecting clothes and completing your outfit,
here are some points to consider;

  1. Select closer fitting clothes (not loose and not too tight)
  2. Avoid the item made of big parts such as big patch pocket, bold border, large watch, thick down coat, etc.
  3. Pair low contrast items
  4. Make the top half focal point, rather than bottoms

Remember only 4 points above and enjoy searching your favorite clothes!

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Instagram: instagram.com/kousch.tee

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