If you wonder your size,
we can send 2 different sizes with 1 T-shirt price on your request
if it is the first time shopping at KOUSCH.
Please tell us so in the memo in the payment process.

Please select your height to check your right size.

Please select the T-shirt type you want to compare size.

How to select your right size?

⬛Shape and style of KOUSCH's T-shirt lines
There are some types of T-shirt form such as;
- Wide-fit T-shirt (Unisex)
- Slim-fit T-shirt (Unisex)
- Women's style T-shirt
Please check the detail of measurements in each product page.

⬛Consideration points to select right size of T-shirts

Shoulder Width:
Generally and roughly, the T-shirt of which shoulder size just fits is your right size.
Check your size with the help of your family / friends, looking from the back.

Length of the Body:
T-shirts which covers 2-5 cm (1-2 inch)below the belt looks just good in general.

Body Width:
Wide T-shirts looks young and fresh.
When you wear T-shirt tightly, it looks stylish, sexy, or energetic.
Not too wide and not too tight is good for  sophisticated look.

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