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Hello, customers in Australia who love T-shirt!

KOUSCH is the T-shirt label founded in Japan in April 2016.
We sell and deliver our unique products all over the world including Australia.


Australia Outfit

As a large island and a wide variation of climates,
people’s outfit differ depending on city across Australia,
such as Sydney style is often referred to as “beach culture” while Melbourne has always been “more European”.
But still, especially in summer,
people in Australia do like T-shirts  as tees are appropriate in the temperate climate
and  they are so easy to wear and comfortable.
Also, for example, the weather can change suddenly in Melbourne and
layers with T-shirt is quite convenient.

In such circumstances,
that everyone is wearing tees anywhere in the country,
sometimes we want to wear something unique – something different from just beach / surfing or
something different from black syndrome.
Also, there are occasions that we want to be neat, fresh, cool and sophisticated even in T-shirt,
or want to enjoy fusion fashion – mixture of tailoring, quirkiness, casualness, etc.

T-shirts of KOUSCH

KOUSCH is the label specializing in graphic tees.

KOUSCH satisfies your needs.
You can find unique, cheerful, hip and contemporary designs which you cannot find everywhere.

As you can see in the “feature of our product” in ABOUT US page,
we use high-quality fabric among the lots, such as combed cotton T-shirt.
The designe is printed manually in Japan and the product will be sent from Japan to you by EMS (Express Mail Service).


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If you prefer a language other than English, please use google translate function for your help.

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