Report on the KOUSCH’s POP UP STORE @ Hiroo July 13-18, 2017

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Dear Friends,

KOUSCH’s pop up store @ Hiroo July 13-18 successfully closed.
Thank you very much for being interested in,visiting us, and purchasing our T-shirts!

Here, we would like to introduce how it went briefly.

Among diverse areas of Tokyo,
Hiroo is the choice residential area where many embassies are around.
KOUSCH’s pop up store opened in the space on the Hiroo shopping street where there are  hot shops of such as
Belgian frites,  cold press juice, ice cream, etc.

Various designs of KOUSCH’s T-shirts were displayed and
many people walked by looked very interested in our products.

Some examples of our products shown at the store;

Chojugiga – the famous old Japanese picture is arranged in modern way – the frog and the rabbit are dancing wearing a cap, sneakers, etc. like street dancers.

Portrait of Beethoven

The design is not very apparent as it is printed with deep blue ink on navy T-shirt,
but it is the very unique charm of this design.
The lines of hair of Beethoven are drawn with music notes and clefs.
Many people who visited the store liked this design.

When we just sell our products online,
we cannot see our customers,
but when we open such stores, there are new meetings and conversations.

We were so amazed to find that customers know which designs are just for them
and when they try on them,
the design looked starting to shine!

Another point we were happy was that some people bought our T-shirts as the present to their wife, mother, friends, etc.
One example is, a gentleman coming from Sweden who was travelling around Japan with his wife
selected a T-shirt for his wife’s birthday – during staying in Japan!

Thank you very much again to all of you and
see you in our online store or next pop-up store in the future!

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