Report on KOUSCH’s Pop Up Store 2018 in Oku-Shibuya, Daikanyama, and Hiroo

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Dear Friends,

KOUSCH’s pop up store events 2018 successfully closed.
Thank you very much for being interested in,visiting us, and purchasing our T-shirts!

Here, we would like to introduce how it went briefly.

Among diverse areas of Tokyo,
we chose Oku-Shibuya, Daikanyama and Hiroo for our pop up events.

Our pop up store events are characterized as below;
Oku-Shibuya: In a famous bookstore – for customers who are interested in various cultures including fashion, art, literature, history, music, etc.
Daikanyama: In a small gallery – KOUSCH’s independent event where customers can choose T-shirts in relaxed mode
Hiroo: Pop up market of some brands, arranged by KOUSCH – to enjoy shopping of curated brands

Below is the summary of these events in 2018.

Oku-Shibuya : Mar 19 – Apr 1, 2018

The pop up store was held in a space in the hip book store, SPBS (SHIBUYA PUBLISHING & BOOKSELLERS).
It is on Kamiyama street (shopping street) and is between NHK and Yoyogi-Koen C02 station.
From Shibuya station, it takes 8-10 minutes to walk.
The area is quiet yet, lots of cafes, bars, restaurants and shops are around.
They are often picked up in magazines and travel books.

The space we opened a pop up store is like someone’s reading room or studying room.
Walls are painted with dark tone.
During the period, weather was extreme.
It even snowed and temperature went high like early summer on some days.
People visiting the book store saw our products interestingly.
Tote and our notebook was very popular among book lovers.

Daikanyama : Apr 28 – May 1, 2018

The pop up store opened in a small gallery near to Daikanyama.
The space is on the street between Daikanyama and Ebisu.
Shops and restaurants are around and it is fun to walk around the area.
The weather was perfect except the point wind was a little too strong.

The gallery is all white and KOUSCH’s T-shirts fitted the atmosphere nicely.


Lots of customers from neighborhood and customers from overseas enjoyed seeing our T-shirts and other products.
We enjoyed conversation with customers a lot.
Such as, one customer wanted to wear our T-shirt right away as he was just leaving for vacation.
Some customers were saying at last they could come to our pop up events.

Hiroo : May 19 – 17, Jul 12 – 17, Sep 12 – 17, 2018

Hiroo is an exclusive residential area near to Roppongi or Ebisu.
We arranged to open a pop up market gathering some other sophisticated brands.

People living in the area gradually recognized our event and
we heard conversation on the shopping street talking about the event, a few times.
Customers seemed enjoying shopping, seeing brands curated by us.


We organized this pop up market 3 times in 2018 and are to continue next year.

Thank you very much again to all of you and
see you in our online store or next pop-up store in the future!

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