Report on the KOUSCH’s POP UP STORE @ Hiroo July 13-18, 2017


Dear Friends,

KOUSCH’s pop up store @ Hiroo July 13-18 successfully closed.
Thank you very much for being interested in,visiting us, and purchasing our T-shirts!

Here, we would like to introduce how it went briefly.

Among diverse areas of Tokyo,
Hiroo is the choice residential area where many embassies are around.
KOUSCH’s pop up store opened in the space on the Hiroo shopping street where there are  hot shops of such as
Belgian frites,  cold press juice, ice cream, etc.

Various designs of KOUSCH’s T-shirts were displayed and
many people walked by looked very interested in our products.

Some examples of our products shown at the store;

Chojugiga – the famous old Japanese picture is arranged in modern way – the frog and the rabbit are dancing wearing a cap, sneakers, etc. like street dancers.

Portrait of Beethoven

The design is not very apparent as it is printed with deep blue ink on navy T-shirt,
but it is the very unique charm of this design.
The lines of hair of Beethoven are drawn with music notes and clefs.
Many people who visited the store liked this design.

When we just sell our products online,
we cannot see our customers,
but when we open such stores, there are new meetings and conversations.

We were so amazed to find that customers know which designs are just for them
and when they try on them,
the design looked starting to shine!

Another point we were happy was that some people bought our T-shirts as the present to their wife, mother, friends, etc.
One example is, a gentleman coming from Sweden who was travelling around Japan with his wife
selected a T-shirt for his wife’s birthday – during staying in Japan!


Thank you very much again to all of you and
see you in our online store or next pop-up store in the future!



Silk Screen Print of KOUSCH

We use silk screen technique to print our products.

Technique of Silk Screen Print

Silk screen printing is the printing technique using a mesh (which used to be silk and it is chemical texture now.) ,
set up on wood or aluminium frame,
and the design is stenciled on the mesh with ultraviolet light.

Ink is placed on the mesh and the ink will be pushed through the mesh with squeezee (rubber blade),
then, you will see the design printed on the T-shirt.

The feature of screen printing which is different from machine printing* is such as
you can feel the slight hubbly texture of the printing,
the colors are clear,
as it is printed manually, sometimes lines become thick, sometimes lines become thin,
and these make the print warm and charming.

(Mass produced T-shirt we often see in mass merchandise outlets are often printed with bubble jet printers)

Ink of Screen Print T-shirt

There are various types of ink for screen printing –
which is printed like rubber,
which is printed like dyeing,
gold color, silver color, fluorescent color,
which foams, etc.
and the variety expands the expression of printings.

Different colors of inks can be mixed and
KOUSCH is blending multiple colors to realize the ideal color for the design.

*Above is the ink blended for the graphic design of the lacrosse player.


Multiple Colors of Ink of Screen Print T-shirt

Basically, 1 color is printed per 1 printing,.
To have multiple colors, multiple times of printing with multiple mesh frame is necessary
and they need to be positioned in the right way.
This requires great care to complete the product.

■The first printing of the Lacrosse Player Design



■The second printing of the Lacrosse Player Design


■The Third printing of the Lacrosse Player Design


Warmth of Ink of Screen Print T-shirt

Slight overlap of multiple screen printings becomes the special feature of the man made product
and the original product existing only one in the world.
It is said that Andy Warhol made overlap
the screen printing on purpose to make the product exclusive.








Looking for a T-shirt?

T shirts of KOUSCH are characterized by design, color, fabric and fit.
It is just a T shirt, but how do you select the T-shirt you spend your time with?



Avoiding boring logos, typical stripes, safe monotone pictures,
KOUSCH provides original design which goes between
tradition and edgy future, beauty and dirtiness,
gracefulness and roughness, earnestness and wit / joke,
based on our passion for art, culture, tradition and daily life.

Once you select our T-shirt,
you will enjoy seeing yourself in the mirror,
being lustrous, look cool in SNS pictures, etc.
among your busy days.



Color is the essential element of our T shirts.
We create the exact color which fits the design,
such as elegant pale colors and vivid vital colors.
Also, we are printing products with multiple colors
which is not very common in screenprinted T shirts.
If you select and have our T-shirt in your wardrobe, you will be charmed with those colors!



We use high-quality fabric among the lots.
As heavy weight T shirts sometimes look rustic,
our product line uses light yet premium feel fabric.

Washable and the shape lasts well.
Easy to move body as it moderately stretches.
Pleasant during your creative desk work,
shopping and dining in downtown, trip and playing with children.

Here is the overview of the material.
Please see each product page for the detail.

◇Material: Cotton 100% or the blend of Cotton and Polyester / Rayon

◇Type of Cotton Thread: Combed Cotton
・・・When cotton is spun and then combed, fine brushes are used to pull out any impurities, a
・・・long with short fibers leaving behind only long fibers which are straight, even and aligned.
・・・The texture of combed cotton is very soft and very smooth.
・・・In addition, combed cotton is stronger since the straightened fibers lie together more tightly.
・・・On the other hand, most common inexpensive T Shirts are made of Open Cotton which is basic but sometimes rough.

◇Ounce Weight: 4.0~4.6 oz
・・・Generally speaking, 3.0-4.0 oz fabrics are called light and 5.0-7.0 oz fabrics are called heavy weight.
・・・We use light, yet reliable fabric.
・・・Including the neck, it will not lose shape easily.

Select our T-shirt if you are looking for the quality of fabric!



Fitted style is used which makes you sophisticated and stylish.
The form of both crew neck and V neck shirts are well balanced as a whole
with the graceful shape and texture of neckline.
You will be quite comfortable in the office or in hip cafes / restaurants and bars.



We believe the power of design and wish that designs of KOUSCH will make your life pleasant and fulfilled.
In today’s life, we tend to buy goods of low prices even when they are not necessary.
We want to avoid such case and expect our customers to select what they really love.

The cost of 3 times of power breakfast will make your days during spring, summer and autumn
– at work, on weekends, on trip, in family events etc.
more colorful and fruitful.



We select best fabric/garment from numerous options.
Fabrics of KOUSCH T-shirts are produced in China, Bangladesh, and India,
under the control of Japanese fabric companies.
The designs are printed in Japan.


Select our T-shirt to add to your wardrobe !

Report on the KOUSCH’s POP UP STORE @ Brookly NY August 12&13, 2017


Here is the report on KOUSCH’s pop up store at FAD market in Boerum Hill, Brookly, New York.
Thank you very much for all customers and friends!

FAD Market is a roving Fashion, Art and Design pop-up marketplace,
which was founded and curated by Jen Bailey .

KOUSCH participated in this marketplace which were held at The Invisible Dog Center on August 12 & 13, 2017.
This place was previously a factory and now, various art events are held.


Neighborhood of The Invisible Dog Art Center – Edgy shops and cafes are around.



We introduced part of our products in this market.

Particular attentions were especially to;
Shall We Ramen,
Marilyn Rubber Duck and
Chojugiga T-shirts.

We were very happy that many customers liked our designs.


And many of the customers noticed the fabric of our T-shirts are very soft and comfortable.



Thank you for asking if we are online.
Yes, we are online and all products including which we didn’t bring to the market can be bought in this website.

We were very excited to meet and talk with you!


This was our first pop up store in NY.
See you in the next event!
We will announce when the plan is fixed.