“Soccer in Kimono” V Neck White Short-sleeved

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T-shirt with the graphic of Soccer in Kimono,
which is the mixture of Japanese tradition and modern design.

Three soccer players are in “Kemari” style Kimono.
“Kemari” is Japanese traditional ball game from 1,400 years ago.
Eight or six players wearing traditional Kimono-style costumes form a
circle on the court and kick a ball to one another cooperatively without touching the ground.

The design captures the scene of one player shoots the soccer ball to the gall straight.

The colors of Kemari Kimonos are colored with
emerald green, red and black.
The pattern of the Kimonos are cool also.
This design is very unique and you can only find this design in our brand.

The design is well-liked not only by men but by women.


This T-shirt makes a complete look only with its own.


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Slim-Fit V-Neck

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Washable with washing machine.
Do not dry clean. Do not tumble dry.
Do not iron the printed part as possible and when necessary , please press with a damp cloth.